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At Veridic, we work with top global enterprises like Apple, Vodafone, Brightstar, T-Mobile, EE, Telcel, Hi3G & startups to deliver their ideas. Since 2010, our team has expanded rapidly, fostering a dynamic organizational structure that allows faster recognition, growth & promotions.

Right from experts to newbies, we hire for multiple roles & experience in - design, web & mobile app development,
quality assurance, infrastructure, project management, marketing & sales.

Life @ Veridic

At Veridic, we believe in making each day a successful one. If you love to design, code, build, market, innovate and take up unexplored challenges, you will love to work here.

And, we love partying too!

We Veridicians, are not just passionate about work but love adding some spice to our lives at our quarterly parties where we cherish the fun moments with our colleagues at the most popular hangouts in the city.

At Veridic, we encourage congenial and collaborative work culture. We believe in providing work-life balance to our staff which adds more energy to our workforce and helps them to give their best.

Our policies and guidelines are all designed with our inclusive work culture. We work in a close-knitted environment that allows our team to get equal opportunity.

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Life at Veridic

Employee Testimonials

Lalit Mohan Senior Architect

10.5 Years with Veridic
The company is very relaxed but still maintains a professional atmosphere. I enjoy working here for the professionalism in the environment. We are not treated as a number, but as part of the company.

Sanjeev Bhardwaj Project Manager

7.5 Years with Veridic
I joined Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd approx. 7 years back and really had a good experience and exposure in every field whether it is technical or in terms of leadership.

Rahul Singh Senior Software Developer

7.5 Years with Veridic
Veridic is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why: Family friendly, flexible work schedules, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co-workers, friendly ...

Vipin Suthar Delivery Head

6.6 Years with Veridic
I have found my tenure both enjoyable & rewarding. Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd offers an extremely friendly and collaborative environment. It is a family-friendly organization that cares about their employees.

Sandeep Ghosh Project Leader

7.5 Years with Veridic
Being working for with Veridic since Jan 2014, I have really seen the company grow. My career has skied with the growth of the company and I have had a chance to work for reputed clients like...

Manu Sharma Team Lead

7 Years with Veridic
It’s always great to work with a professional and committed company like Veridic. My association with Veridic started back in the year 2014 and ever since I haven’t looked back. It's been an exciting...

Ajay Chaudhary Project Manager

7.5 Years with Veridic
I started my journey with Veridic as software developer more than 7 years ago. Since then my learning and career curve has always been upward. One thing about Veridic is if you work hard and sincerely then...

Gourav Sharma Senior Support Lead

3 Years with Veridic
Right from my interview, I knew that Veridic is going to impact my learning experience for good. Not onlyit is a blessing to work ...

Gajendra Kumar Senior Software Developer

6.5 Years with Veridic
Veridic is a company that understands the importance of supporting and investing in their people. In terms of career growth also it provides the best platform to enhance knowledge and skills...

Narinder Kumar Project Leader

6.5 Years with Veridic
Veridic values ‘Hard work’ & ‘Quality’ that makes me more responsible at work. I find myself amongst a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit...

Suraj Pal Facilities Manager

6.5 Years with Veridic
मैं 2014 में Veridic में शामिल हुआ और कंपनी के विकास के साथ मेरा करियर आगे बढ़ा है। मैं गर्व से कह सकता हूँ कि यह मेरा सबसे अच्छा कदम था और यह काम करने के लिए शानदार जगह है। मैं आने वाले लंबे समय तक Veridic का...

Bhagwan Das Facilities Manager

6.5 Years with Veridic
मैंने वेरीडिक 2014 में ज्वाइन कि थी। यहां पे हर लेवल के कर्मचारी को बराबर सम्मान दिया जाता है। बल्कि मुझे लगता है कि जूनियर लेवल के कर्मचारी का ज़ादा खयाल रखा जाता है। 5 साल पूरे करने पे कंपनी सीनियर लोगों को बड़ा टेलीविजन ...

Jatin Gera Software Developer

3 Years with Veridic
Joining Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was a great turning point in my career. I never knew my journey at Veridic would be so rewarding and fulfilling. Many years have passed ...

Manveer Kaur Test Lead

6 Years with Veridic
Working at Veridic Technologies is a great pleasure for me. I truly enjoy coming to work in such a family, friendly & happy atmosphere. It provides a whole bunch of opportunities to everyone in the...

Amit Kumar Network Admin

3.5 Years with Veridic
Working at VERIDIC Technologies is a great pleasure for me.I learnt how to do my job in a professional, effective and efficient manner ...

Jatin Chaudhary Senior Business Analyst

4.5 Years with Veridic
When you join the Great minds, then your half of the job is done. Along with this, friendly work-environment and good work-Life balance are cherries on the cake which helps in delivering the quality work...

Abhishek Dogra Head IT Infrastructure

5 Years with Veridic
I joined Veridic as a Senior System Administrator but it was Veridic, who enabled me to match up my expertise with the requirements of the client very accurately and swiftly leading to successful run of the client projects.

Gaurav Sharma Team Lead

3 Years with Veridic
Technology industry leads the way for flexibility, diversity, and opportunity at work. Veridic sets the best example. It's been more3 years since I joined Veridic...

Sandeep Singh Software Tester

5 Years with Veridic
I have almost been part of every department at Veridic over the years which I would consider as a great opportunity. Apart from professionalism, working here is like living my college life...

Deepanshu Mehta Business Analyst

5 Years with Veridic
I have started my career path as Business Analyst in Veridic Technologies in 2016 and have been involved in several projects for overseas customers. The most significant skill I have...

Anil Verma Project Lead

4.5 Years with Veridic
I have been working at Veridic Technologies since Jan 2017. It's been a pleasure to be a part of the Veridic family. Veridic has a friendly work environment, very supportive colleagues...

Neeraj Chandra Project Leader

4.5 Years with Veridic
I have been an employee at Veridic Technologies since Jan 2017. Veridic is much beyond just an Organisation. It actually denotes a "Culture". Culture of excellence, empowerment and enrichment...

Priyanka Gupta Project Leader

4 Years with Veridic
I am glad to share that I have been associated with Veridic since 2017. The journey, from Sr. developer to Project Lead, has been full of personal & professional growth, opportunities...

Piyush Pathania Senior Software Developer

4 Years with Veridic
Being Veridician since April 2017, I found myself very lucky, professionally sound than before and I got a chance to work with multiple projects and with reputed clients. Best part over here is that...

Inderpal Singh Project Manager

4 Years with Veridic
A workplace where qualities like hard work and taking ownership are appreciated. Veridic Technologies has been a great enabler towards offering new opportunities of learning and strengthening...

Rahul Bhagat Software Tester

4 Years with Veridic
I learnt the meaning of “Team Work” after joining Veridic. All the team members are so helpful and co-operative. The environment in this organisation is very friendly as well as professional...

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