What is Automation Testing?

Your smartphone might be loaded with unconditional mobile apps, but did you ever paid attention to the first thing you notice in a mobile app?

On an average, the answer to this question is the mobile app design.

Let’s start with unraveling the answers to questions like-

Why Mobile App Design is a Necessity?

Agree or not, it is a mobile app design which gives an overall theme or structure to the mobile app development process. No wonder, there are millions of designs, measures making a design enticing but at the same time, we as Veridic believe in going for the most suitable designs and ideas only.

Only a UI/UX designer can justify a statement like, ‘the only difference between a good and a bad mobile app is its design.’ Now, by saying mobile app design, people often restrain themselves within the four walls of static app interface without thinking from an engagement point of view.

What differentiates our designed mobile apps from the other ones?

The design is not just about selecting the right color or creating fun icons, there is a lot more than that which can actually add a lot to your overall app design. If seen according to the present time designing trends and standards, placing an enticing search bar on your app is the biggest importance.

The value of a search bar in mobile apps:

The actual concept of search bars has been taken from websites where no landing page, especially the website homepage or the contact us page is never considered to be complete if it does not have any search bar. Persisting the same trend, now almost every mobile app has a search bar to enhance the user experience of accessing the app. And accept it or not, but it has boosted the overall value and intelligible image of technology in multiple ways.

If you are about to get a mobile app developed for your business or to simplify your service sector then make sure not to forget finding the right place for a search bar. Amid all, a search bar is one such feature that can amend a lot more value to your mobile app that you ever expected.

Thinking how the search bars should be placed on a mobile app? Here are a few suggestions waiting for you.

First and foremost, thing is to know about the different types of places to put your search bar in an app. The below-mentioned list a give you a detailed overview of different types of search bars which can be used for a mobile app too.

  • Landing page search bars: Usually most of the food ordering mobile apps or the biggest example like- Facebook uses the search bar on the top to make it easier for people to make the most out of it. This is somehow considered as the best way to find out if the user has landed up on your page with the intent of searching for something particular. Apart from this, it makes the overall mobile app look more presentable, meaningful and showcases a user-friendly interface as well.

  • Search tap on the navigation bar: Now, this one can be considered as yet another pro level of mobile app designing. There are end numbers of factors which can make the search bar look interesting. However, the basic concept of putting a search option on the mobile app screen is to let the user have all the access to what s/he is looking for, but at the same time, there is no harm in making a mobile app look convenient and easy to use.

  • Decide between bar or tab: There is a lot of difference between a search bar and a tab. Both of the search mediums have been used for different purposes and on different platforms too. Usually, a search bar is used when the user has an intent to come on your mobile app & search for something, for instance- Google Maps, where one comes only when s/he has to check out the righteous or most convenient way to their destination. Same is the case with a food ordering app where the search bar is used for tracking the order delivery. On the other hand, the search tab is available on platforms like Instagram where the user can search for some fun stuff which may contain videos, images or an individual’s profile. All in all, it can be related to the entertainment platforms where the user can search for end number of things all through a search tab. Else than this, search tabs can include the ones which proffer a number of suggestions when the user enters the keyword in the search tab.

An important note: Just in case you are getting it designed for any one of your clients then make sure to discuss your ideas first with your client and then demand final execution on the design part. And if it is for your own business, paying attention to the overall business theme or website color scheme can help you come out of chaos.

I hope that finally, you have decided to go with a specific search bar and if you are still bombarded with perplexed thoughts then let our designing experts know your query at any moment.

About Veridic

No matter its software development or testing a mobile app, automation operations have occupied a huge space in our work life. There are ample segments where we, majorly as IT professionals have almost ditched the idea of working on the manual operations and always look forward to automation processes simplifying our workflow. Same is the case with software testing niche too.

However, a large number of software testing experts prefer to go with manual tests unless they don’t have to deal with a heap of software testing requirements, still, automation testing has proved its own charm.

Let’s start from point zero.

What is Automation Testing?

It is one of the types of software testing which is executed using different sorts of automation techniques or applications and is usually known for displaying quick results. Here, the tester is supposed to write the script and then decide which sort of automation application would be required to accomplish the testing task.

One of the major responsibilities or advantages of automation testing is that it writes as well as executes the test case automatically. Being a tester, all you need is to give respective instructions or commands to the used automation application or technique and witness the progress. This sort of software testing is ideal when a large number of software or mobile apps are supposed to be tested.

In a high majority of cases, automation techniques are used to test registration forms, database connections, GUI (graphical user interface) design, login/sign-up forms, etc.

Understanding the boosting demand for software or mobile app in the IT industry made us give a try to it. Resulting, we have built up a pool of professional testers proffering all sorts of software or app testing assistance.

Here is why you can think of Veridic to avail reliable automation software testing assistance:

There are times when a software comes up with its latest version having some complications (bugs). In such circumstances, automation software testing is the best approach to fetch accurate results. In terms of testing an upgraded software, going for manual testing can come up with a lot of complications, as a static manual test case is used to accomplish it. So, it is always good to go for automation test process.

Leverages of having our automation software testing services:

  1. Progressive productivity: Being a tester, would you ever go for something static when you have a next-gen technique to fetch quicker results? Then, you would certainly like to go for the automation software testing process than the manual one. As compared to the manual testing, automation can help you get rapid results. This is the best sort of testing type when you know you have to test more than 5 or 6 software a day.

  2. Quick feedback: Most of the testing operations are based on genuine feedbacks. A quality analyst tests an application or software while sharing the instant feedback on the detected bugs simultaneously with the developers’ team. This practice is necessary when you have a number of testing tasks lined up for the day.

  3. Improve software quality: Automation testing runs a thorough test on the code structure and different elements of the software checking for minor or major bugs if any. This ultimately helps to enhance the overall software quality in many ways without making many efforts. Apart from efforts, it saves the testing revision time or test report preparing time as well, which again adds a lot to speed up your overall testing process.

  4. Improves testing skills: In the software testing profession, manual testing is the first step to start your career from. In this context, automation testing can be considered as the next step of learning to brush up or expand your learning in the testing stream.

  5. Reduces time: Apart from being an error-prone software testing type, automation test gives the maximum leverages of saving your time and running the test on multiple software or mobile apps in one go. This is the best practice when you want to devote less time and get a maximum outcome.

  6. Bug rectification on earlier stage: Usually, there are times when you are not able to find out the actual bug hidden within the code structure of the software, this happens especially when you are testing a mobile app or software using a manual testing process. But that’s really not the case with automation test process, as it smartly highlights the bugs and makes your task much easier for you in many ways.

What is the actual automation testing process?

  • Test tool selection to set up the automation process
  • Evaluating the test case automatically prepared
  • Planning, designing and developing a strengthened testing program
  • Executing the test operations
  • Preparing the final test report


This article unravels the actual meaning of the automation software testing process. It speaks about the multiple benefits of using automation test and what factors make Veridic a remarkable choice in terms of leveraging automation software testing services. Apart from this, reading this article can sound fruitful if you want to know the actual benefit of using automation process above the manual testing process. Just in case, you have any other query regarding the above write-up, you have all the liberty to communicate your doubts or ideas with Veridic via the below-given details.

Stay tuned!

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