What Are The OG Tags?

Running a digital marketing agency but, don’t have any clue about OG tags?

Then you must be missing out something really important!

Let’s start with the present time trends.

Do you know what is trending in the market, in terms of setting up a successful business without much investment? Well, it’s a digital marketing agency.

Digital or online marketing is one such stream that has opened gateways to many professions and proved itself to be the biggest necessity for all those businesses which day-dream of ranking on the top search results of Google.

To get a better insight, let’s start rolling the ball from the beginning point.

What is digital marketing?

Often known as internet or online marketing, it is a set of promotional activities performed via online mediums or social media to increase the visibility of a particular website on the internet. It includes a number of elements including-

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. SMM (social media marketing)
  3. Content writing and marketing
  4. PPC (pay per click)
  5. Paid advertisements

And this list is never-ending.

What’s the scope of digital marketing?

Do you know, on an average, an individual spends hardly 8 seconds on a website to find out something relevant or enticing, otherwise they prefer to move towards any other online platform. Resulting, accelerating the increase in the website bounce rate. Just like this element, there are a million others affecting the overall reputation of an online website.

In order to gear up the online promotions, it is mandatory to keep yourself up with the latest trends of marketing which may help you separate yourself from the crowd. In terms of digital advertisement, OG tags have become one of the biggest highlights of the industry.

What are OG tags?

OG (open graph) tags often referred to as open graph protocol is a strategy which allows a webmaster tool to crawl it faster on the social media platforms. Resulting, a particular web page having OG tags will crawl smartly on social media making it a popular one among the target audience in lesser time than before.

Originally, OG tags is a creation of Facebook but at present Open Web Foundation is taking care of it.

The rising scope of OG tags:

However, rare digital marketers know about it but whosoever knows never forgets to implement an OG tag to a web page especially when it is supposed to be shared on the social media networks. Initially, OG tags were considered important for social media only and not for search engines but with time a lot has been changed in this context.

In order to use the OG tags in the best possible and effective manner, implement it on your website URL. An OG tag once applied gives you the complete liberty to change or optimize your social media post accordingly which adds a lot to the overall social media promotions.

There are a number of OG tags used for different purposes and each one of them is important to rank your page high on the different social media accounts. Here is a list of important OG tags which you should learn about.

Og:title : Implementing this tag can change the title content of your web page on social media channels, making it look more enticing.

Og:description : This one is to improve the description of your specific web page which may contain the target keywords but make sure not to mention them in a promotional manner, otherwise you may get noticed by Google in a negative manner. Here, you are required to write a description of not more than 2 sentences explaining what the link is actually about.

  1. Og:site_name : This one is to optimize the web page or website name according to SEO guidelines.

  2. Og:URL : This tag is responsible to improve the content of web page link displayed at the top. Here, using the most relevant phrases which are more like keywords can automatically do the needful for your website landing page. 

  3. Og:type : Using this tag, you can specify the category of the web page. For instance- blog, home page, about us, career, etc.

  4. Og:image : With this tag, you can label a picture specifically for your web page. Make sure to use a 50 px by 50 px image and the format must be JPEG, GIF or PNG. All you need is to copy the link of the image and paste it in between the code under og:image tag.

How to implement the OG tag?

Now, amending an OG tag to your web page code structure is not a rocket science. There are a few steps to be followed and you are done. Here is what you need to do-

  1. Start with adding the namespace "" to your HTML tag

  2. Then make sure to add the meta tags along with content and relevant attributes within the head tags.

  3. Add the og:type tag for putting the web page under a specific category. For example- blog, homepage, career, contact us, etc.

  4. Then comes amending a video to your web page which is completely exceptional but is a possible thing via OG tags. 


This write-up is completely dedicated to meaning, importance and the different types of OG tags used in social media marketing. It signifies the upsurging scope of social media and how it helps marketers to build a vast target audience just with one strategy.

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