The Technological Gifts of 2018 and Some Technical Prediction of 2019

A matter of hours and we all will enter into the much-awaited 2019. Apart from fueling your party spirit with happening ideas, I have something really meaningful for all the tech savvies out there.

Meanwhile, you plan to surprise the love of your life, I have got you a string of technologies taking you on a flashback tour of 2018 technologies and then we will bring the technologies of 2019 into the limelight.

Let’s start rolling the ball from 2018.

Undoubtedly, 2018 brought us a lot of unbelievable things that we have learned to rely on, until the end of the year. Some were a bit complex for a layman to understand and on the contrary others made a smart way to everyone’s lives. Let’s take a look at what were they and how they have contributed their efforts in transforming lives to an extent.

  1. IoT- The major highlights within the IoT sector were 5G, edge computing, and analytics. However, the concept is a bit older than a year yet it has propelled on a vast scale in 2018 and the growth vision is still expected to widen in the upcoming years.

  2. 5G- So far, brands like Nokia and Intel have already shown their immense interest in 5G speed technology by deploying it in their multiple channels. It is said to be not just the next-gen solution to all the performance and speed issues but will soon become a connectivity medium for haptic style feedback, automotive communication and much more.

  3. Cloud- This is a yet another revolution in the technological world taking the configurable computer system and high-level services on a real-time cloud network. With this, the scope of cloud computing has grown on a vast scape, improving the edge computing hardware solutions. This technology is likely to expand its wings in the forthcoming years.

  4. Analytics- This analytics show how beneficial IoT has been for all of us, throughout the year. It is basically, the apt data analytics report of different streams including- healthcare, smart cities etc. that showcases growth, advancement in the overall technological process.

  5. Blockchain- Initially, blockchain was familiar and beneficial for the financial sector but now things have changed to a great extent. Now, blockchain has entered the IT world smartly to increase the security measures. At present, be it banking or HR, every niche or profession see their future in the blockchain.

  6. Robotic Process Automation- Without any doubt, the RPA (robotic process automation) concept is appealing in many ways. It is all about software that observes and then identifies a set of repetitive actions usually occurred in business operations. It’s peerless, intelligent and makes us see our future in RPA for better convenience and work moderations.

  7. AI- Aren’t you obsessed with your Google home, Google Assistant, or your new digital buddy Alexa that reminds you of your day-to-day schedule without even asking for? Well, these are a few ways making us aware of AI (artificial intelligence).

  8. AR & VR- The present world belongs to augmented reality and virtual reality. These two technological mediums have given us numberless options to interact with the next-gen technologies around us. As compared to VR, businesses prefer AR as it is affordable and effective too. But at the same time, with 3D VR features, it has given businesses a better way to pitch and showcase their range of products.

  9. FaaS- Fast Failure as a Service is a 3D visualization making businesses more strategic for every business type. With this, you can learn to turn your failures into success.

  10. Machine Learning- Unlike any other technology, Machine learning is not really visible for the end user. It is more of a core technology which is used only to analyze information or data entered into systems. As it isn’t really visible to the end user anyhow, this can be a great medium for start-up businesses to experiment with their new models or techniques.

Now, let’s step ahead to the future of technology in 2019.

  1. Autonomous things- According to a report generated by Gartner, by the end of 2021, almost 10% of the vehicles will be capable of autonomous driving capability, making the world a better place to live in. The progress rate for the same has already started to boost and with every passing month, the way its demand is increasing, the next-gen future is around the corner.

  2. Digital twin- As per reports, digital twin is no less than a digital representation of physical objects. By the end of the year 2021, at least 10% of the industrial businesses will be under the complete influence of digital twin.

  3. AI-driven development- AI has already to be a great asset for the technological world and it has been said that by 2022, the scope and vision of artificial intelligence will exaggerate to great heights. Around 40% of the application development process will entirely rely on artificial intelligence giving it a better look and feel, in every manner.

  4. Augmented analytics- According to a prediction, the number of citizen data will increase five times faster than data scientists. And eventually, this will expand the vision of augmented analytics to a great extent.


This article speaks about the technologies which have amazed us in this almost gone the year 2018. And at the same time, highlights the major inventions to be expected in the forthcoming future of the technological world. However, there are a few elements which may have knocked our doors prior to 2018 but this year has been a revolutionary one, in terms of expanding the scope of mentioned technologies.

Apart from this, Veridic wishes you a very happy new year 2019.

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