MWC 2019- A Technology Event Redefining Digital Wellness

Those who want technology to surprise them forever, cannot afford to miss any update from MWC (Mobile World Congress). This is an event which has been named as MWC Barcelona for the upcoming year. Thinking why? Well, to find out this, you need to continue reading this blog.

Let’s start from the ground zero.

What is MWC?

Considered as one of the largest mobile events in the world, MWC (Mobile World Congress) is now acknowledged as Mobile World Congress Barcelona as it is about to held in the scenic beauty of the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia region of Spain. This event is completely dedicated to technology and will be knocking hard on 25th-28th February 2019 with a string of interesting themes including-

  • Connectivity- MWC is coming up with 5G technology concept gifting us speed, scalability along with the ability to expand the IT service segment in many ways. According to researchers, 5G is one such technology element which can work as the base platform for numberless technologies yet to be invented in the nearby future. In this context, connectivity is going to help and represent the different requirements or challenges of 5G to bring it into reality. Right from the implementation methods to regulations, connectivity covers everything, in terms of expanding the concept of 5G.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)- According to researchers, particularly the AI market will touch $70 billion value by the upcoming two years (2020). No matter professional or personal, Artificial Intelligence is expected to leave a transformative impact on governmental bodies, enterprises, and consumers throughout the world.

  • Industry 4.0- The major functionality of industry 4.0 is analysing the implementation and impact of IoT, cloud, cyber physical system, and cognitive computing.

  • Disruptive Innovation- Technical improvisations are making things better for the world to witness & explore. With this intent, MWC will be representing disruptive innovation in completely a new phase.

  • Immersive Content- To analyse and understand the rising challenges, revenue models, the relationship between network capacity and consumption growth, Immersive content is the biggest need. Following the same, Immersive content has raised the expectation bars for event venues, AR, consumer/customer engagement and VR.

  • Digital Trust- It helps to bring out and balance the rising responsibilities required to get a better balance between the governmental bodies, regulators and end consumers.

  • Digital Wellness- As technology has occupied a strong place in everyone’s life, digital wellness will be speaking out all about the different aspects of using affecting one’s mental health.

  • The Future- This theme element is to give a rough estimate of when can the world expect a technological revolution and that’s most probably by 2028. 

Who is organizing MWC Barcelona 2019?

GSMA ( Global System for Mobile Communication) is a global trade body having its headquarters in London and other regional offices in locations including- Barcelona, Brasilia, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and Nairobi. It is highly recognized for acting as the organiser for the largest mobile events, conferences, and exhibitions happening throughout the world. Following the same ritual, GSMA will be organizing MWC in the upcoming year (2019).

Where is MWC 2019 happening this time?

For this time, MWC Barcelona will be happening at Fira Gran with events like 4YFN. As per informative resources, particularly the events will be taking place at Fira Montjuïc.

Who are the event sponsors of MWC Barcelona 2019?

This time, recognized brands like- Citi, Accenture, STC, Vmware, Wipro, Huawei will be sponsoring the world’s biggest mobile event.

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